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Quickly launch your Twilio Flex contact center

Gravity CX provides out-of-the-box functionality to manage your Twilio Flex contact center without the need for developers.

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Gravity CX

Gravity CX was built by Blacc Spot Media, a Twilio Gold Consulting Partner with nearly 10 years of experience deploying Twilio-powered solutions.

Gravity CX provides enhanced customer experiences (CX) within Twilio Flex contact centers across multiple channels by giving organizations building blocks to efficiently deploy digital transformation strategies.

Key Benefits of Gravity CX

Simplify Twilio Flex Operations

Out-of-the-Box Features

Launch Twilio Flex with plug-and-play functionality to efficiently manage contact center operations.

~75% Less Expensive

With out-of-the-box functionality built into Gravity CX, our customers spend significantly less than they would building Twilio Flex functionality from scratch.

100% Customizable

Gravity CX can be tailored to fit your business requirements by harnessing the power of Twilio Flex's programmable platform.

No Developers Required

We built Gravity CX to empower Twilio Flex customers so they can manage contact center operations without developers.

Third-Party Providers

Gravity CX offers native support for numerous third-party providers built directly into the platform. New integrations on the way!

Localization Support

We provide native localization support for customers with resources that are spread across multiple geographical regions.

Gravity CX

A Powerful Toolset
Built for Twilio Flex

Launch Twilio Flex & Gravity CX

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Deploy Quicker

Launch Twilio Flex with enhanced features in a fraction of the time to efficiently manage and operate your contact center.


Our team can quickly customize Gravity CX to meet your unique Twilio Flex contact center business requirements.

Training & Support

We provide you with the support and training you need to quickly get up and running with your Twilio Flex contact center.

We love our customers

Customer Success Stories

The Clerk of the Superior Court in Maricopa County decided to centralize the customer experience by leveraging technology to provide a better experience for customers.

Twilio Flex provided Crash Champions, one of the nation’s largest collision repair organizations, with the ability to quickly and easily migrate from its legacy on-premise solution to the cloud while efficiently supporting its plans for rapid growth.

Twilio Flex enabled Canada’s largest doctor-owned eye care provider to build a customizable, customer-first contact center experience for their patients and internal staff to support growth and patient care innovation. FYidoctors selected Gravity CX to build and deploy a next-generation contact center leveraging Twilio Flex as the engine to engage fully with patients and staff.

Getting Started with Gravity CX

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gravity CX?

Gravity CX is an application layer designed specifically for Twilio Flex. It provides out-of-the-box functionality making it easier to implement and manage Twilio Flex contact centers.

Gravity CX is built by Blacc Spot Media, a Twilio Gold Partner.

Why did you build Gravity CX?

Gravity CX is built by Blacc Spot Media, a Twilio Gold Partner and cloud communications consulting firm.

We built Gravity CX because we received many requests from customers seeking a quicker, easier, and more cost-effective way to build and launch their Twilio Flex contact centers.

Gravity CX allows you to quickly deploy Twilio Flex contact centers with out-of-the-box functionality not offered by Twilio Flex.

What’s the difference between Twilio Flex and Gravity CX?

Twilio Flex is a framework that allows you to build the perfect contact center solution.

Gravity CX is an application layer that is built on top of Twilio Flex. It compliments Twilio Flex by allowing you to have more out-of-the-box capabilities within your Twilio Flex contact center without having to build common functionality such as user management from scratch.

How quickly can I get started with Gravity CX?

We require 1-2 weeks of lead time after receiving your signed order form.

Why should I use Gravity CX rather than build Twilio Flex from scratch?

Gravity CX provides out-of-the-box contact center functionality not included within Twilio Flex.

Typically, you’ll save 75% on development costs by using Gravity CX rather than configuring and implementing Twilio Flex from scratch.

Using Gravity CX will free you up to focus your efforts on additional enhancements that are most important to your business.

How can I get a demo account of Gravity CX?

We are happy to provide you with a Gravity CX demo account so you can explore the application and see what it has to offer. Please review the following knowledge base article on how to set up a demo account:

Setup Gravity CX Demo Account Instructions

What if I require features or functionality that aren't included in Gravity CX?

We can build it! One of the benefits of using Twilio Flex and Gravity CX is there isn’t any contact center feature that you can’t have.

We will work with you to scope the features you require and build them for you.

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