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  • 40%

    Increase in Agent Productivity

  • 50%

    Reduction in Service Delivery Inquiries

  • 16%

    Decrease in Average Handle Time (AHT)

How Crash Champions Uses Twilio Flex to Support Explosive Growth


Crash Champions is one of the nation’s largest collision repair organizations offering comprehensive auto body repair services from minor dents and dings to major damage following an accident.


Growing over 300% in less than 24 months, Crash Champions needed to efficiently scale their contact center operations to support staff across 6 different states and multiple time zones while consolidating all communications under one solution.

Crash Champions

Crash Champions is a leading independent collision repair organization that operates more than 200 state-of-the-art collision repair centers across 20 states. They are committed to providing the safest and highest quality repairs for their customers. In 2020, Crash Champions embarked on an ambitious growth plan to rapidly expand its presence within the U.S.

With such explosive growth plans, Crash Champions recognized the need to improve efficiency to support customer interactions across hundreds of locations while still providing agents an optimal user experience when managing customer support requests. They also required a contact center solution that easily adapted to the unique business requirements of a collision center as they continued to grow and evolve. Ultimately, these needs led Crash Champions to Twilio Flex.

Modern Tools Built for Efficiency and Productivity

Technology is a vital part of any company’s ability to support its operations and for many, the contact center is the heart of customer communication. Crash Champions knew their existing on-premise contact center solution would not allow them to easily introduce new communication channels, scale quickly to support their customers, or provide the ability to efficiently accomplish future roadmap initiatives.

Crash Champions was committed to providing exceptional customer support as they continued to expand across the U.S. They wanted an intuitive contact center solution that provided omni-channel capabilities allowing customers to engage in their preferred communication channel. Additionally, the contact center solution would provide their agents with a consolidated, single-pane-of-glass experience reducing the need to flip between screens when supporting customers.

Leveraging the power of Twilio’s core platform as well as the functionality the Twilio Flex framework has to offer, Crash Champions identified many key initiatives they could immediately deploy to engage customers more efficiently with automated workflows. For instance, Crash Champions took advantage of capabilities such as sending automated SMS messages to customers based on the disposition code assigned by the agents. This workflow enhancement increased Crash Champions’ staff productivity by limiting the number of outbound calls required to reach customers and empowered customers to quickly and easily respond via SMS.

Explosive Growth without Growing Pains

By growing over 300% within the span of 24 months, Crash Champions tripled its footprint across the U.S. Today, Crash Champions supports multiple customer demographics in locations across the country, having grown to over 200 sites. Growing through acquisition is not always easy, as consolidating team resources, tools, and services can be tedious. However, Crash Champions’ experience was painless due to a streamlined onboarding process for new contact center agents on Twilio Flex. The seamless process integrated existing workflows making it fast and easy for agents to get up and running during the transition.

The robust reporting engine of Flex Insights built into Twilio Flex provides Crash Champions with easy-to-use reporting that simplifies tracking agent performance and building accurate forecasting models, thus eliminating the productivity status guesswork agents experienced from the previous on-premise contact center. Crash Champions now has the tools to easily monitor the contact center’s health through daily automated reports that are delivered to stakeholders, thereby creating more accountability across the organization. With the power of Flex Insights, Crash Champions can quickly detect anomalies in real-time, drill down into reports to understand the root causes of issues, and seamlessly apply corrective measures.

System support is best in class! I can be a challenging and demanding customer, and they are always responsive and are problem resolution-driven.

David Jankiewicz, Director of Customer Communication Center

Partnerships Built for Continuous Innovation

Crash Champions’ goals were clear. They wanted to grow quickly, consolidate contact center operations, and provide omnichannel capabilities while preserving the exceptional support that customers have grown to love. To accomplish this, Crash Champions understood that the right combination of vendor partners, technology providers, and system integrators was key.

Crash Champions engaged Blacc Spot Media, a Twilio Gold Partner, to deploy and manage their Twilio Flex contact center. Blacc Spot Media is focused on providing end-to-end services for Twilio customers across all Twilio’s products and services to shorten the time to market.

Through a series of discovery sessions, Blacc Spot Media worked with Crash Champions to identify their strategic goals and initiatives in order to define the best strategy for deploying its Twilio Flex contact center to support their roadmap.

Blacc Spot Media introduced Crash Champions to their out-to-the-box solution, Gravity CX for Twilio Flex, to enable Crash Champions to launch their Twilio Flex contact center in weeks. To aid Crash Champions’ ability to launch quickly, Blacc Spot Media provided training for their agents, supervisors, and admins on using Twilio Flex and Flex Insights. The training was delivered through a series of remote webinars, an extensive video tutorial library, and a robust knowledge base of how-to articles.

The Start of a Digital Transformation Evolution

Crash Champions has scratched the surface of harnessing the power of Twilio Flex. To date, they have only deployed a small portion of their communications and contact center roadmap. However, with Twilio Flex, they will build more integrated experiences for agents by providing access to their back-office systems eliminating the need for agents to switch between applications to support customers. Crash Champions is also focused on streamlining business processes and eliminating tedious manual processes by increasing automation throughout the entire customer journey. These enhancements provided by Twilio Flex equips Crash Champions with a modern contact center solution that can easily adapt to their evolving needs and support their expansion into markets throughout the U.S.