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  • 23%

    Increase in First Call Resolution (FCR)

  • 13

    Point Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • 29%

    Decrease in Average Call Length (ACL)

How Twilio Flex Increased Agent Productivity and Improved Bottom Line for FYidoctors


‘Enhancing Life’ is fundamental to FYidoctors’ DNA, providing enhanced patient experiences through patient-focused care and doctor-driven organizations. FYidoctors wanted to create unique customer experiences that increased engagement, agent efficiency, and customer visibility within contact center operations. It was equally as important that the tools used to establish these experiences seamlessly integrated with multiple internal services and third-party provider services.


With an increase in the number of new locations and call volumes, FYidoctors found their existing legacy contact center inadequate to meet their business objectives. In order to expand into new markets in addition to its existing 300+ locations across North America, FYidoctors needed a contact center solution that would deliver a stellar patient experience, at scale.


Patients first. FYidoctors prides themselves on providing exceptional patient experiences. They are Canada’s largest doctor-owned eye care provider with over 300 locations spanning across Canada and the United States.

With a patient-first strategy, FYidoctors works hard to deliver efficient, user-friendly, and personalized patient experiences. Using state-of-the-art contact center technologies allows for top-notch patient engagement which is vital to FYidoctors’ successful strategy to accelerate expansion into new markets.

FYidoctors partnered with Twilio and Blacc Spot Media to build and deploy a next-generation contact center leveraging Twilio Flex as the engine to engage fully with patients and staff.

Customer Support Reimagined

FYidoctors focuses on building personalized experiences for their patients to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. It starts by providing its contact center agents with the right technology and tools enabling them to support hundreds of patients and clinics at the highest standards. It was critical to implement a cloud-based contact center solution with omni-channel capabilities to provide what was needed to address the challenges they were facing. For FYidoctors, the choice was Twilio Flex to provide an integrated single-pane-of-glass experience for their agents with existing tools and third-party services.

The organizational needs at FYidoctors are unique because one contact center instance supports two teams. In this use case, Twilio Flex seamlessly enables their customer service team to support patients while their help desk team supports their clinic locations based on the team’s specific workflows and routing requirements. Individual workflows were designed and built to provide agents with customized screens and integrated tools so they have everything they need to quickly assist and engage with patients and staff.

Agents saved time and were more productive. With a boost in efficiency and productivity, Twilio Flex empowered FYidoctors to support 14.6% more clinic locations without hiring new resources all while providing higher levels of customer satisfaction. Plus, there were built-in screen pops to automate clinic details and ticket lookups, reducing the time it took to gather information about clinics.

Partnering was the Key to a Quick Successful launch

FYidoctors provides its patients and staff with advanced technology and support tools led by their in-house development team. While they were confident in the development team’s ability to build and deploy the Twilio Flex contact center, they decided to use an external partner to develop the application. This would free up internal resources to focus on existing projects and priorities.

FYidoctors selected Blacc Spot Media, a Twilio Gold Partner to deploy and manage the Twilio Flex contact center for FYidoctors. Blacc Spot Media is uniquely positioned to provide custom software development, managed services support, and out-of-the-box solutions built on Twilio enabling customers with limited or no development resources to get to market more quickly.

FYidoctors initially engaged Blacc Spot Media to build their Twilio Flex contact center from the ground up. However, once the discovery phase was completed, it was clear that Blacc Spot Media’s out-of-the-box solution, Gravity CX for Twilio Flex, was a better fit for FYidoctors. Over 80% of what FYidoctors required of a contact center was natively built into Gravity CX, along with many additional features.

While the flexibility and robustness of Twilio has transformed our Service Centre and how we support our clinics and patients, perhaps the greatest benefit has been the strong relationship and support we’ve received from both Twilio and Blacc Spot Media along this journey.

Patrick Graham, Director Service Centre

Results that Speak for Themselves

Immediately after launching the Twilio Flex contact center, FYidoctors recognized significant improvements in their ability to support their patients and staff. Average handle time dropped 29% because of improved efficiency. As a result, their net promoter score increased by 19% and first call resolution rose from 41% to 64%.

With Flex Insights, FYidoctors gained greater visibility into daily and weekly call volume peaks across their teams so they could plan for better resource utilization. Flex Insights also allowed FYidoctors to quickly build dashboards to identify gaps in coverage and agent availability and reduce abandonment rates from 17% to 13%. Additionally, Flex Insights increased both the team’s accountability and visibility while also providing real-time tools for coaching and quality assurance.

FYidoctors continues to harness the power of Twilio Flex and Gravity CX to support its customers and internal staff in new and exciting ways. New channels will be launched, such as web chat with AI chatbot support providing customers with self-service options. Thanks to the power of the Twilio Flex platform, FYidoctors’ contact center operations roadmap is chock full of new features and capabilities that will continue to provide flexibility, enhance the agent experience, and build personalized experiences for FYidoctors’ patients and staff.